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Consulting Services

The consulting division represents the core business of JET ESCP Europe and for this reason we support our clients with tailored solutions.

Our services include: Business Planning, Market Resource, Financial Analysis

Our division is our core business; indeed, it follows our values of integrity commitment diligence and customer orientation. Thanks to professors and alumni collaboration we are able to provide our clients with high quality solutions by working professionally and with a strong sense of teamwork.

We follow a path in all the tasks we are involved in, in order to deliver the best output and create customers fidelity:

nowadays is too important for both start up and companies, to have a strong
structure in terms of strategy, and we want to allow them to reach this goal by creating a
business idea and expand their business. The final complex document will be composed by
these fundamental elements:                                                                                                                                                                                               – Executive summary
– Company description
– Market analysis
– Organization and Management
– Service or product
– Marketing and sales
– Funding request
– Financial Projection
– Appendix

This document will represent a point from which run a new business perspective, to map the
future, to support growth and secure funding, to develop and communicate a course of action, to
sustain the management of cash flow and maybe in bad times for helping the owner of the
business to know in advance a strategy to exit.

this is an important service which most of the companies ask for finding out
which are the opportunities that their specific industry hides. Sometimes market research is one
of the first thing that companies cut from the budget because of the high time and sometimes
monetary investment. We are here to support your need of be able to stay focused on your
business without losing the control of which is going on around you.

The main steps through which we proceed in the market analysis are:
– Define the problem or opportunity
– Develop your research plan
– Collect relevant data and information
– Analyze data and report findings
– Take action
This systematic methodology is able to inform the business decision with a qualitative and
quantitative output keeping the business posted about the industry trends in terms of
competitors, opportunities, threat, strategies and objectives.

The financial analysis is a core service in JET ESCP Europe because of the impact that can have in the decision making process of the client. It is important to perform a company financial analysis in order to see how the company is responding at market trends, macroeconomic variables, competitors and earlier period. Every financial analysis is different and it depends on the type of firm but usually it starts from an
understanding of three key areas:

– The structure of the financial statements
– The economic characteristics of the industry in which the firm operates
– The strategy the firm pursues to differentiate itself from competitors

Once this first step will be finished, our team will be committed in the study and the related
forecast of the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow. Financial analysis is required
to determine the financial health and stability of the company, and our team is ready to
understand the relationship between which financial resources utilize and the profit generation
for a business.

School Affairs

JET ESCP Europe provides several services in collaboration with our Business School, during the years we have worked together with ESCP Europe  business school in order to organize events and to provide the best services to our associates and colleagues.
The main events we organize are:

The Entrepreneurship Festival is an annual event for all the ESCP Europe students with the aim to introduce them into the business world.

It is organized simultaneously in all the Business School campuses (Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, Warsaw and Turin) usually between October and November with a different theme every year.

The event includes a first part devoted to the discussion of the subject under a common theme, supported by the participation of different speakers such as startupers alumni ESCP Europe, and then develops into a business case presided over by one jury of startupers and venture capitalists.

All campus students are invited to attend. Participation is free and business case winners are rewarded with attestations. The best – prize “Best idea project”- will have the great chance of being followed later to expose their idea in front of a real committee of investors, in order to develop their entrepreneurial project in a factual way.

It is an event organized simultaneously in all the Business School campuses. The Young leadership Forum is defined as a “European Wide Forum”, a container which allows students from all European universities to find themselves in a common place, to exchange ideas and to confront current economic and political issues.

The main objective of the event is to compare students and senior leaders, to create an inter-sectoral and multi-generational discussion space where to debate on great topical issues and try to find the best available solution.

This event takes the form of student case competition. The winners of the case studies of ESCP Europe Torino campus have the opportunity to attend the final conference at the Paris campus. The participation is completely free and open to students from all
universities which may be involved at national level.

Every year JET ESCP Europe offers a series of days dedicated to deepening and preparing the Final Round for Master in Management, Bachelor in Management and International Master in Food & Beverage within the ESCP Europe Business School.

During these days, the following activities will be held:

– Introduction to ESCP Europe Business School and short presentation of JET ESCP Europe;
– In-depth and simulation of the numerical and verbal SHL test;
– Preparation for personal interview;
– Simulation of the final interview;
– Introduction to Language Testing;
– Release of material on which candidates can better prepare themselves.

JET ESCP Europe organizes monthly training seminars and conferences deepening on the topics discussed in the classroom, to enable students to be able to observe in practice the subjects studied.

The topics discussed in the seminars are various and can touch different areas (from Finance to Marketing, from International Economic Policy to European Legislation ,etc …) and are open for free to all students in ESCP Europe.

The support offered by invited managers to speak at conferences shows how the spirit of the Business School is to offer its students concrete experiences, brought directly from managers or executives from the professional world. These conferences can be made by JET ESCP Europe inside and outside of ESCP Europe Turin Campus, in order to allow the promotion of the Business School itself. Company visits are designed to give you a first-hand insight into a company, their people and culture.

Most external visits will give you the opportunity to explore the departments and chat to employees and managers. This is a great way to understand the organisation and explore what they can offer you in terms of graduate recruitment and future career opportunities.


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