Client Services

“Being a Junior Enterprise means basically providing consulting services. Even if consulting represents the core business of JET ESCP Europe, our activities are not limited to it. More specifically, we are responsible also for the organization of key events of the academic year of
the Business School on the Turin Campus. So, our activity is represented by two divisions:
Consulting Division and Business Development Division.”

The core business of JET ESCP Europe is to provide firstclass consulting services to Start-ups, family businesses, SMEs, corporations and other Junior Enterprises or consulting firms. Since its year of foundation the JE has established several partnerships with different companies from various industries.



“We believe that we’re only as good as the good we do.“

JET ESCP Europe is one of the most important association operating in ESCP Europe business School. We are a motivated, ambitious, skilled and enthusiastic group of students, all with the same goal: delivering value to enterprises by providing all the services a Junior Enterprise is able to offer. We want to make the difference, the value is our purpose, its delivering is the media through which we are constantly trying to improve ourselves and our teammates.

We want to generate value for the client as well as for our associates.
Our goal is to create a bridge between the academic world and the professional one. We link highly motivated individuals with enterprising clients that believe in our Associations.
Thanks to JET ESCP Europe clients had the chance to meet skilled students who want to
generate value for them. Each of our associates has the chance to improve his or her technical and soft skills, as well expanding his or her network.


Since its year of foundation the services and activities of JET ESCP Europe are based on its outstanding credibility. The latter guarantees exclusive partnerships, long-lasting collaborations and a sustainable existence in a competitive and sensible market. Driven by continuous professional integrity the credibility of JET ESCP Europe is based on the following core values:

  • Excellence: Submission of highest quality of work
  • Team work: Leveraging the involvement & competences of the team members.
  • Entrepreneurship: Working for JET ESCP Europe means being part of an independent Junior Enterprise.
  • Inclusion: creating an environment where any individual feels welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate, independent of his/her race, gender.


Market Analysis

providing complete and accurate analysis of the specific business or sector the client is working in or focusing on.

Business Planning

offering financial budgeting, cost estimating & control to early stage companies.

Financial Valuation

able to conduct a financial analysis and evaluation with additional interpretation.

Competitor Analysis

providing a full analysis of the competitive landscape within a market

Marketing Plan & Retail strategy

providing an accurate marketing strategy and offering advisory during the implementation (e.g. E-commerce, online CRM)

Business and Developement

Business & Development counts to the second part of the core business of JET ESCP Europe. Not only supporting the student community of ESCP Europe but also promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of our Junior Enterprise the following services are a fundamental part of JET ESCP Europe.

Final Round

providing a 360° workshop in Turin for ESCP Europe student applicants in order to enhance their performance during the admission test and interview process.

Entrepreneurship Festival

inviting business executives, senior consultants and successful entrepreneurs to share their ideas & advises with the community of ESCP Europe.

Young Leadership Forum

promoting the cross-campus event on the campus of Turin and sponsoring the initiative financially.

Company Visits

organizing pan-European company visits to gain a fundamental insight into the world of business, establishing relationships and to promote the “hands-on” approach of the JE.


• JET ESCP Europe

• Legal seat: Corso Unione Sovietica 218bis, Turin, Italy

• Part. IVA: 09055410014

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