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Who we are

Established in 2004 JET ESCP Europe is a non-profit organization entirely managed by students of ESCP, the world’s first business school. The boutique consulting association supports its clients in adding direct value to their businesses and generating growth by combining practical expertise with academic knowledge.

In subsequent years the association has grown by providing services to numerous companies in a multi-national context, as well as establishing partnerships with leading corporations and consulting firms. JET ESCP operates globally with offices in London, Berlin and Madrid with associates in 10+ countries.


Recruiting the brightest minds of ESCP Europe Business School

We are much more than a student society, we are some of the most ambitious, skilled and enthusiastic ESCP Europe students who are willing to take a challenge and learn by working on real corporate projects. We are all driven by the same common goal: deliver value to enterprises by providing all the services a Junior Enterprise is able to offer.

Our associates, despite their young age, can brag several internships and additional working experience in some of the biggest and most prestigious companies and financial institutions around the world. The quality of education offered by our Business School, nevertheless, is acknowledge as one of the best in Europe, making our association a professional fit for your business.

Executive Board Division

Mattia Briganti

Head of Finance

Victor Kumar


Federico Bollano

Vice President

Head of Consulting Division

Carlo Rizzuto Ferruzza

International Manager

Lina Prencipe

Head of Business Development

Clara Micarelli

Head of Marketing

Riccardo Servadio

General Manager

Advisory Board

Alberto Molinar Roet

Leonardo Capotosto


JET ESCP Europe is part of the JADE Network since 2016 and has established numerous partnerships with JE’s on a national and international level.

According to the Junior Enterprise Network “a Junior Enterprise is a non-profit civil social organization, formed and managed exclusively by undergraduate and postgraduate students of higher education, which provides services for companies, institutions and society, under the guidance of teachers and professionals with the goal to consolidate and enhance the learning or their members. Junior Enterprises are similar to real companies, counting with the principles of corporate governance like management council and executive board, and own regulation.”


• JET ESCP Europe

• Legal seat: Corso Unione Sovietica 218bis, Turin, Italy

• Part. IVA: 09055410014

  • Email: info@jetescpeurope.com